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Speaking on Leadership Topics

megaphone-147176_960_720As part of ongoing research, we regularly speak at seminars and off site meetings to share, but also get feedback on the issues that matter for effective decision making. Recent topics include long term investing, how to interpret new investment trends like factor investing, how to resolve short term vs. long term investment horizons, the role of executive offices, the challenges investment committees faces and the shifting perceptions of participants and how this will change the way pension funds manage their investments.

Long Term Investing

highway-149969_960_720We believe that long term investing is a crucial differentiating element of pension funds. However, long term investing is still in its infancy. We have conducted a number of projects where we help trustees develop their framework for long term investment (strategy) in a practical way.

Investment Beliefs

Gnome-dialog-information.svg Successful investing in today’s world depends on more than just great investment ideas. Over the years, we have developed a method to effectively screen investment organisation, single out the crucial issues at hand and compare them in an national context. Working with us, you can expect the determine the key principles that drive the decision making and the investment process of the organistion.

Investment Governance

24485701862_61b7e1b4b7_bManaging pension funds is more than designing and implementing a strategy. It requires succesful boards. We have done consulting work for Dutch and international pension funds; reviewing investment philosophies and governance systems. We apply a straightforward approach